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Unmotivated to Clean? Do This!

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If you’re here, it’s likely that your house is a mess and you’re feeling unmotivated. But by the end of this blog post, your house is going to feel clean and you are going to feel so much better!

So where do we even start? I’m here to walk you step by step through things that I do that make me go from a place of feeling overwhelmed, to feeling proud of myself for how much I have accomplished.

Step 1: Get your Tennis Shoes On

The very first thing that I do is I go and put my tennis shoes on. I don’t know the science behind it, but I do know that it works. So if you don’t have your tennis shoes on I want you to go grab those now.

Whenever I have my tennis shoes on, it signals to my brain that it’s time to move. Whether it be to exercise, go on a walk, or clean my house. My tennis shoes signal to my brain that it is time to move.

When we are feeling unmotivated, the hardest part is getting started. That’s why we’re doing this right now. We’re going to get ourselves ready to go and then keep the momentum going.

If you haven’t put on your tennis shoes yet, you can go put them on quick and then jump right back on here when you’re done.

Step 2: Do something that makes you feel refreshed

The next thing I do is I go do something that will make me feel a little more awake and refreshed.

This might look different for all of us, but usually I go look in the mirror and I fix my hair. Other days it might be to wash my face, brush my teeth, or take a drink of water – whatever will make me feel more refreshed at the moment.

I don’t want you to overthink this step. We’re not getting all dressed up and completely ready. I just want you to do something that makes you feel a little more refreshed and alive. 

This is the last step to getting ready, so run and do whatever it is that makes you feel more refreshed. After this, we are going to tackle our house!

Step 3: Start a Load of Laundry

Don’t you feel so much better already? Now we are going to move our bodies to get our blood flowing.

The first thing I want you to do is to go start a load of laundry. Momentum will build as we go, so let’s do this quickly!

Don’t worry about sorting or collecting all of your laundry right now, just grab what you need to start a load and go do it!

Jump back on here as soon as you’re done and we will jump to the next step.

Step 4: Clean up the Garbage

How great does this feel?! Not long ago you were sitting there feeling unmotivated. Now you have your tennis shoes on, you feel more refreshed, and you’re getting your body moving.

Now we want to keep the momentum going!

The next step is to grab a garbage bag (or your garbage can) and pick up any garbage you have laying around.

Run around and do this as fast as you can so we can move onto the next thing.

Don’t forget to jump right back on when you’re done, we don’t want to lose any of this momentum!

Step 5: gather your dishes and fill up your sink

Now that you have the garbage cleaned up, I want you to fill up your sink with hot, soapy water and put your dirty dishes in it.

We aren’t going to tackle our dishes right now, we are just making that step easier when we get to it.

If you have any other dishes laying around, quickly grab those as well.

We only have a few more steps after this so make sure to jump right back on here when you’re done!

Step 6: Clear off your Counters and Table

Okay, now that your dishes are soaking, you can run around and get anything off of the counters or table (that shouldn’t be there) and put it away.

Try to make this a challenge. How quickly can you do this? It’s going to feel so good when you’re all done and you can sit back with your cup of coffee and relax.

So get the counters and table cleared off as fast as you can and jump back on here!

Step 7: Wipe off your Counters and Table

Now that your counters and table are cleared off, you can go and wipe them.

After they are wiped, your kitchen and dining room are going to feel so much cleaner and make anything else (like the dishes) seem so much easier.

So get it done and then we will do the final step!

Step 8: Tackle your Dishes

How much better does your house feel already? You have tackled all of these steps in such a short amount of time… I hope you’re feeling proud of yourself!

For this last step, I want you to look at your dishes. They don’t seem as overwhelming now, do they?

Even if they do, don’t overthink it! You have built up so much momentum and you don’t want to leave them to pile up more and have to start over at step one.

So if you need to unload your dishwasher, start there.

Get those dishes done as quickly as you can and if you’re done after dishes, you can go sit down with a cup of coffee and relax! 🙂

Did this help you get motivated to clean?

Instead of leading you through the rest of your house, I am going to let you take it from here on out. If you are done after the dishes, you deserve to sit down and rest. 

And of course, if you want to keep going you can! My goal with this post was to get you off the couch, get you feeling more refreshed, and getting you to move.

Did this help you get motivated to clean? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you!

If not, I still want to know. My comments section is open for all of us to get together to ask questions, encourage each other, and celebrate our wins as we go!

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