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There are so many things that can put us in survival mode. Whether it be sicknesses, a new baby, or a crazy schedule, we all go through times when we are just surviving. The worst part about it, is how it makes us feel about ourselves. 

My hope is that this will help you change the way you are viewing your situation… And even more importantly, how you are viewing yourself during this time. Once you are able to do that, you will be able to start moving forward, a little at a time.

So, start reading and hopefully you will feel a little better by the end of this post!

  1. Have compassion for yourself. How would you encourage a friend that is feeling how you are? Do that for yourself. Just because you fell behind on things it doesn’t define who you are as a mom, wife, etc. Give yourself some grace and treat yourself as you would treat a dear friend of yours!
  2. Accept where you are right now. We all go through periods of feeling like we are in survival mode and that we let so much go. Of course, if we could go back and make so we didn’t get so far “behind” we would. But you are here now and that’s okay!
  3. Pick one thing to do that you will thank yourself for later and focus on it. When you go to bed tonight, what is one thing you will be glad you did? A load of laundry, making a phone call, ordering a walmart pickup, etc., Pick one thing that you can do that will make you feel accomplished, no matter how small the task is!
  4. Appreciate whatever you were able to do, no matter how small. No matter how small your accomplishment was, it was one step further than where you were before so celebrate it!
  5. Remind yourself that tomorrow is a new day and this period of survival will not last forever. Survival mode can make us feel stuck, but that is not the case. You will make it through this, one day at a time. You can repeat these steps as you are able to until your circumstances change. Before you know it, life will start smoothing out again. 🙂

If no one had told you that they appreciate the small things you’ve been able to do, I’m here to tell you that I see you and you should be proud of any little task you are able to accomplish.

My hope is that this mindset shift will help you see that in yourself now, too. You are doing the best you can and I am proud of you for putting in the effort during this time. I hope things will start smoothing out soon. <3

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