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EP 3// Try Out Minimalism With This Simple Task

If you’re here it’s likely that you are interested in minimalism and you want to try it out, but you’re not sure where to start.

In today’s post, I am going to be walking you step-by-step through a simple task that will allow you to try it out and see if you like it.

how can i try out minimalism?

The best way to try out minimalism is to clear everything off of your kitchen countertops except for appliances that you use daily. Keep them cleared off for one to two weeks and see how it feels after adjusting to it.

Hear me out on this one! It is definitely going to look weird at first, but remember, you can always add things back later. In order to experience the full impact, you need to be brutally honest with yourself and give it a week or two.

After I adjusted to mine, I was surprised that all I wanted to add back was a cute candle. My kitchen just felt so much more peaceful and easier to keep clean!

reasons to declutter your kitchen countertops

  • It is easier to keep your kitchen clean. When your countertops are cleared off, the mess doesn’t look as big and it’s easier to get started on cleaning. 
  • Saves time and energy. It takes more time and energy to have to wipe things down, wipe underneath them, and keep them clean.
  • You will feel more relaxed in your kitchen. Without realizing it, your mind associates items in your home with maintenance. Less items out, less stress.

how to declutter your kitchen countertops for a minimalist kitchen

  1. Take a picture of how your kitchen is now
  2. Clear all of your home decor off of your countertops and put it in a cupboard or a box
  3. Remove everything else off of your countertop unless it is an appliance that you use daily (or once every couple of days)
  4. Find spaces to put away the other items you took off of your countertop like butter dishes, utensil holders, etc., (use the nearest cupboard or drawer)
  5. Wait one to two weeks to get used to it 
  6.  Take another picture of your kitchen and compare it to the original one you took
  7. Decide which items, if any, you want to put back

my experience with this

I followed these steps when I decided to minimalize my countertops.  It felt so weird at first and looked so empty!

The strangest part for me was taking the things off that I considered functional. For example, my butter dish and utensil holder. However, I put my butter dish in the cupboard right above where it was on the counter and my utensils in the drawer right below where they sat out.

It didn’t take long to adjust to it at all! I was so surprised by how much easier my kitchen was to keep clean. 

Now when I look back at my old picture of how my kitchen used to look, it looks so cluttered to me! It’s been over a year or two now and I still don’t miss having anything extra out on my countertops. 

what now?

For the next week, I want you to focus on keeping your countertops cleared off. Try your best to make sure everything is put away every night.

If you end up liking it, I’m sure you will like minimalism. Minimalism doesn’t have to be this strict of a thing, I just wanted you to experience something that would make a big impact and show you that you can do with less.

And after the one to two weeks, you can add back whatever you wish! It’s up to you. But at least, you got to try out minimalism. 🙂

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