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If the dad you’re shopping for seems like he has everything, then this is definitely the list for you! Here are 11 simple Father’s Day gifts that he will actually use. 

Not only will you know he will use these, but you can find comfort in knowing that I did the research and found the best rated ones out there!

Some of these you might not have even thought about! So grab your coffee, start reading, and let’s jump right into it.

* Each one of these have at least a 4.7/5 star review with a minimum of 1,000 reviews each!

1. car battery jump starter pack

This is a must have for anyone that owns a car! If your battery goes dead, all you have to do is connect it, click a button, and you can start your dead battery in seconds… No more waiting for someone to come jump you!

Not only that, but it’s a portable power bank and LED flashlight! You can recharge your phone or other USB devices with it. And to recharge it, all you need to do is plug it into any USB port.

We actually have one of these and they are so handy! One time we pulled our car up to our gate and the battery went dead. There was a shop on one side of it and trees on the other… We were so glad we had one of these. Instead of putting the car in neutral, pushing it back, and jump starting it with another vehicle, we just connected this, and we were good to go!

4.7/5 Stars with over 59,000 reviews!

2. portable tire pump

This is another must have for anyone who owns a car. I have one similar to this and have had to use it many times… It’s definitely a life saver when you have a leaky tire!

All you have to do plug it into your cigarette lighter, connect the nozzle, and click a button. It sure beats trying to find somewhere to air up your tire when you realize it’s low!

4.7/5 stars with over 6,200 reviews!

3. household tool kit

This is so convenient to have! If the dad you’re shopping for usually has his tools out in the shop, he is going to appreciate having ones that stay inside. Or if he doesn’t have a tool kit at all, this is a good one for him.

If you think he’d rather have a complete set of hand tools, then I’d recommend the next one down. 

4.7/5 stars with over 15,000 reviews!

4.7/5 stars with over 17,200 reviews!

4. smart garage door opener

If the dad you’re shopping for doesn’t have a garage door opener, this would make a great gift! Even if he does and you think he would be interested in an upgrade, this one would be a good choice.

The best things about this one is that it’s ultra-quiet, it comes with 2 pre-programmed garage door openers, a multi-function wall console, and is easy to install!

And if he likes smart devices, even better! This smart garage door opener is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant. The integrated Aladdin Connect technology allows you to monitor, open, and close your garage door from anywhere from your phone…. Perfect for any dad who is into smart devices!

4.7/5 stars with over 1,000 reviews!

5. wet/dry vacuum

There are so many different versions of wet/ dry vacuums. Regardless of what type you get; these are perfect for dads. They can use them in the house, in the shop or garage, in their vehicles, and even in their boats!

I will list a portable one, a cordless one, and a wall mounted one. I will also list a smaller and larger version of the standard one because if he doesn’t have a shop vac at all, he would probably love to have one!

the best Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum

4.8/ 5 stars with over 2,200 reviews!

DEWALT Portable Wet/Dry Vacuum

4.7/ 5 stars with over 2,000 reviews!

BISSELL Garage Pro: Wall-Mounted Wet / Dry Car Vacuum/Blower With Auto Tool Kit

4.7/ 5 stars with over 2,600 reviews!

Professional Wet/Dry Vac, 5 Gallon

4.7/ 5 stars with over 5,800 reviews!

20 Gallon heavy-duty, Wet/Dry Vacuum with Attachments

4.7/ 5 stars with over 8,100 reviews!

6. multi purpose tools

There are so many different types of tools you can buy, so why not get a multi-purpose tool that can do more than one thing? There are multi tool knives, hammers, and even pens!

I’ve also included a contour gauge and a universal socket. You can use the contour gauge for so many different projects, it is such a useful tool! It will mold to any shape, lock in place, and then you will know exactly the cut you need. 

And the universal socket is nice because it’s a one size fits most attachment for your drill. Instead of having tons of different sockets, connect this to your drill and use it bolts, nuts, hooks, etc.!

best dad ever multi tool knife

4.7/ 5 stars with over 1,500 reviews!

13 in 1 Multitool hammer

4.7/ 5 stars with over 2,800 reviews!

multi purpose pen

4.7/ 5 stars with over 2,100 reviews!

contour gauge

4.7/ 5 stars with over 2,400 reviews!

universal socket

4.7/ 5 stars with over 2,600 reviews!

7. car cleaning kit

If the dad you are shopping for likes having a clean car, this is a great option! These are all highly rated car cleaning kits that have amazing reviews.

the best Car Cleaning Kit for Interior & Exterior

4.8/ 5 stars with over 1,000 reviews!

the best basic car cleaning kit

4.7/ 5 stars with over 7,700 reviews!

the best all purpose cleaner for your car interior

4.7/5 stars with over 9,100 reviews!

wash and wax kit

4.7/ 5 stars with over 17,300 reviews!

8. headlamps or flashlights

No matter what the dad you’re buying for likes to do, a headlamp or flashlight will always come in handy! 

4.8/5 stars with over 1,300 reviews!

4.7/5 stars with over 19,500 reviews!

4 pack of led Flashlights: Water Resistant with 5 Modes (including sos and strobe for emergencies)

4.7/5 stars with over 2,700 reviews!

9. shirts or sweatshirts

All dads wear shirts, right? You can either get him a kind that you know he likes otherwise you can get him a dad shirt like one of the ones listed below!

4.8/5 stars with over 5,100 reviews!

4.8/5 stars with over 2,000 reviews!

4.8/5 stars with over 1,200 reviews!

10. slippers

And of course, we can’t forget slippers! If the dad you are shopping for wears slippers, here are two different pairs that both have amazing reveiws.

4.7/5 stars with over 6,600 reviews!

4.7/5 stars with over 6,300 reviews!

11. coffee mugs / tumblers

And last, but not least, is coffee mugs / tumblers. Who doesn’t like having a good quality mug around? 

4.8/5 stars with over 141,900 reviews!

4.8/5 stars with over 1,700 reviews!

I really hope this helped and that you were able to decide on a gift today! Let me know in the comments below if you were, I’d love to see which ones you chose. 🙂

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