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Your bedroom is supposed to be a place that you can unwind and relax in after a long day. However, if it’s a mess you won’t be able to.

That is why this week we are going to focus on decluttering and refreshing your bedroom. By the end of this, your bedroom is going to feel like the cozy space it is meant to be.

how to refresh your bedroom for free

You don’t need to do anything fancy to refresh your bedroom. Instead, you can make your bedroom feel refreshed by decluttering, organizing, and doing a good deep clean. When everything feels tidy and clean, it WILL feel refreshed!

I’m going to walk you through each step. So let’s jump right into it by getting your clothes decluttered first.

the easiest way to declutter your wardrobe

  1. Make your bed and tidy your bedroom. This will get the momentum going and will allow you to feel clear minded as you declutter.
  2. Take a little section out at a time and put it on your bed to go through. Take one drawer or section at a time. Don’t try doing it all at once, it will overwhelm you.
  3. Only put back the things that currently fit, you feel comfortable in, and that you actually wear. Instead of looking for things to get rid of, focus on what you want to keep.
  4. Declutter what you are left with. Saving things for “someday” will only clutter your space and make you feel guilty for not wearing it. Remove the item, remove the guilt.
  5. If you are feeling stuck on an item, ask yourself if you would buy it again if you didn’t have it. If you wouldn’t go buy it now, make the decision to let it go.

Now that you got that done, we will declutter the rest of your bedroom!

how to declutter your bedroom

  1. Do a quick tidy and make your bed. This will get the momentum going and will allow you to feel clear minded as you declutter.
  2. Choose a few of your favorite home decor items and donate the rest. This way you can truly value what you decide to keep.
  3. Clear off your surfaces as much as possible. Try using shelves or hanging up items rather that cluttering up your surfaces.
  4. Remove any excess furniture pieces that become clutter catchers. If there is a chair or bookshelf that becomes a catch all, get rid of it.
  5. Donate anything in your wardrobe that you don’t wear. Use your made bed as a platform and pick one section at a time to go through.
  6. Make sure everything in your bedroom belongs in there and has a designated space. You don’t want your bedroom to be a storage area and you want to easily find what you are looking for.
  7. Put items that you are unsure about in a bin and give it a week to see if you miss having them.  If you didn’t miss it, donate it.

5 tips to help you keep your bedroom organized

  1. Declutter first. Declutter anything that you don’t wear or use. Don’t keep things that you hope to fit in or use “someday”.
  2. Don’t mix out of season clothes with your in-season clothes. Store them separately, even if it’s a section in your current closet.
  3. Use shelves or hang up your home decor and personal items. Try to keep your surfaces cleared off as much as possible.
  4. If you need more space, find something functional that will help you stay organized. This could be cube bins, three drawer storage carts, drawer organizers, shoe racks, or possibly underbed storage.
  5. Only keep things in your bedroom that belong in there and make sure everything has a designated spot. Don’t store things in your bedroom, this will make it look and feel cluttered.

how to spring clean your bedroom

  1. Prepare. Do a quick tidy up and get your cleaning supplies ready.
  2. Dust everything from top to bottom. Start with the light fixture and move across the ceiling and down the walls. Then vacuum.
  3. Spray and wipe everything from the light fixture down to the baseboards. Don’t forget to wipe down furniture pieces and any other items on your way down.
  4. Put your curtains and bedding into the washer.
  5. Vacuum your floor and mattress. Do this as the washer is going.
  6. Wash your windows.
A Simple Spring Cleaning Plan

This is the last room of my simple spring cleaning plan. I am so proud of you for doing this and I hope you are able to feel relaxed and cozy when you crawl into bed tonight. 🙂

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That way, you can stay motivated, get support, and get your spring cleaning done with so you can thoroughly enjoy the nice weather when it’s here! 🙂

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