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It’s so easy to put off decluttering because it seems like a big job. We tend to think we need to put aside a full day or weekend to declutter, but that’s not the case!

In today’s episode, I’m going to give you an easy-to-follow decluttering plan and then walk you step-by-step through the first thing in your home that you should declutter.

So, grab your coffee and let’s get started! šŸ™‚

The Easiest method to decluttering your home

The easiest method that I have found is called the onion method. If you haven’t heard about the onion method, it’s where you go through your house layer by layer with a garbage bag and donate box.

The reason we go layer by layer is so we don’t have to make as many tough decisions. The more layers you go through, the more confident you will get about your decluttering skills, and it will get easier to make decisions.

the easiest decluttering plan

  • Decide to start right now!
  • Think about the items that you bring in your home from here on out.
  • Make decluttering a part of your daily or weekly cleaning routine.
  • Each day that you declutter, set the timer for ten minutes and do a sweep through your house in search of anything that is garbage, or something that you are ready to part with.
  • If you can’t decide for sure, keep on moving and come back to it next time.
  • Be consistent and you will build confidence in your decluttering skills. It will become easier to make decisions the more consistent you are.

the most important question to ask yourself while decluttering

The main question that I find helpful is: Would I buy this if I didn’t have it right now? To me, that’s a major question. Because if you wouldn’t buy it, then you probably don’t want or need it as much as your originally thought you did.

the first thing you should declutter from your home

The first thing that you should declutter from your home is anything that can be thrown away. Grab a garbage bag, walk throughout your home, and toss anything that is broken, stained, missing pieces, has holes in it, etc.Ā 

Here are a few ideas of things that could be garbage in your home.

  1. Kitchen Items: Tupperware, bottles, sippy cups, water bottles, medicine droppers, etc., that are broken, missing pieces, stained, or not used anymore.
  2. Kid’s Clothing: Mismatched socks, clothes with stains, missing buttons, or holes.
  3. Your Clothes: Socks, underwear, tank tops, leggings, etc., that have stains, missing buttons, or holes.
  4. Toys: Toys that are broken, old McDonald’s happy meal toys, dollar store toys, puzzles with missing pieces, books with ripped pages, etc.,
  5. Bathroom: Skincare products, hair products, towels stained or with holes, etc.,

what now?

If you haven’t done this yet, let’s do it! You can listen to the podcast version or grab a garbage bag, review this list, set the timer for ten minutes, and do a quick sweep throughout your house!

If you have, I want you to know that I am so proud of you for doing this! It is not about how much you have gotten in your bag, but more about making progress towards your goal of having a decluttered home.

And remember, each layer that you go through will get easier and easier and before you know it, it will feel like a game.

Thanks for being here and keep being consistent…. It will pay off! šŸ™‚

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