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You clicked on this post because you have a task that you’ve been putting off. By the end of this post, you will be ready to get it done and free up that mental space that’s been cluttered by your procrastination!

Procrastination is nothing more than delayed decisions. If it’s a simple task, make the decision to do it, go to the area you need to to complete the task, and then start. If it’s a bigger task, divide the steps up until they are small and easily achievable. Then, start on the first step.

There might be a bunch of small tasks you are procrastinating on or some bigger ones, so I will divide them up and give you real life examples for both.

how to stop procrastinating on a simple task

Sometimes it’s those little, annoying tasks that we put off that start to add up and overwhelm us. 

If you’re procrastinating on doing a simple task, make the decision to do it now. Decide that you are done letting it take up your mental space. Trust the fact that you will be relieved to have it done and go directly to where you can complete the task and take the first step.

It is really that simple and you won’t regret it.

Real Life Examples
  • Phone Calls: Give your kids a snack, special toys to play with, or whatever it is that helps keep your kids entertained. Then, go make the phone call now. Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect, and people understand that you have kids. 
  • Your Dishes: Commit to doing the first step like unloading the dishwasher. Then, let the momentum build and keep going if you can!
  • Not Writing Down an Appointment or When a Bill is Due: Make the decision to do it. Walk to wherever you keep your paperwork and look for the bill or appointment reminder. Then, write it down on your calendar, planner, or your phone.

how to stop procrastinating on a project or a large task

Bigger tasks or projects can feel so overwhelming, but it’s often because we think of it as a large task instead of focusing on the small steps to get there.

Grab a paper and something to write with. Write the project or task that needs done on the top. Then, break your task up into such simple steps that it would seem ridiculous to put it off any longer. Then, start on the first step.

Once you start, the momentum will build, and the ball will start rolling!

Real Life Examples

Taxes: Instead of writing down “do the taxes” on your to do list, break it down into smaller, easily achievable steps. For example, gather the paperwork. Then, add up the total income. Next, add up all the deductions, etc.

Declutter an area:  Instead of writing down declutter the garage for example, break it up into go get all the garbage out. Then, find anything that doesn’t belong in that area. Next, start grabbing clutter that you are ready to part with, etc. Or maybe even more specifically, set the timer for 10 minutes a day per step until that step is completed.

Now what?

I really hope this helped and that you are ready to tackle your task and clear up your mental space. And remember, if it starts to feel overwhelming at any time, divide it into an even smaller task until it feels easily achievable. 

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