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We spend a lot of time in the kitchen. It should be a space that we feel good in, not one that overwhelms us!

After today’s blog post, your kitchen is going to be peaceful and easy to manage. It is going to be decluttered, organized, and deep cleaned.

This is a part of my simple spring cleaning plan where I walk you step by step through each room of your house…. And this week we are tackling our kitchen! 

I know it can sound overwhelming, but I am going to break it down into small manageable steps so you can get it done easily.

how to minimize your kitchen

The easiest way to minimize your kichen is to only keep the things that you actually use, make sure all of your items fit comfortably in each drawer or cupboard, and to keep your surfaces as cleared off as possible.

reasons to minimize your kitchen

  • It will cut down on cleaning time
  • You will be able to feel clear minded when you’re trying to cook
  • It will make it easy to find what you’re looking for
  • You will be able to cook better meals and be more creative in the kitchen
  • You won’t get as behind on dishes
  • You will enjoy cooking more
  • It will be easier to keep your kitchen clean and tidy

decluttering your kitchen in 10 easy steps

  1. Prepare: Get a garbage bag, donate box, and “it belongs somewhere else in my house” box.
  2. Food: Throw away any outdated food or food that you no longer use (this includes spices).
  3. Rags, hand towels, potholders, and oven mitts: Throw away any that are stained or ripped. Then donate any excess ones you may have.
  4. Cleaning Supplies: Only keep the ones you use regularly.
  5. All of your dishes: Throw away any that are stained, cracked, broken, or have missing pieces. Then donate any duplicates or ones that you don’t use frequently.
  6. Small appliances: Donate any that you don’t use frequently or that are duplicate items.
  7. Cookbooks: Donate any that you no longer use.
  8. Home Decor: Minimize your home decor to only a few of your favorite items.
  9. Junk Drawer: Ask yourself what belongs in your junk drawer and get rid of the rest of the items in there.
  10. Review: Do another sweep through your kitchen and make sure all of your items comfortably fit in the space they are in and consider getting rid of more if they don’t.

kitchen organization tips

  • Make sure you have decluttered before you organize and that everything you have in your kitchen are things that you actually use.
  • Think about how you use your kitchen and put things where they make the most sense. Ex: potholders and utensils in drawer beside stove.
  • Keep your surfaces as cleared off as possible. Move most or your items into cupboards or drawers.
  • Consider using hooks, racks, or shelves for items you want left out.
  • Use drawer organizers for your drawers and bins in your cupboards. You can even use them in your fridge.
  • Don’t crowd your shelves and drawers. Be realistic with how many items you really need! Make sure you can easily find what you’re looking for.
  • Store dishes or appliances that are only used for special occasions, are seasonal, or that you only use when company comes over on shelves or in drawers that you don’t use often.

how to deep clean your kitchen

  1. Do a quick tidy and then get your cleaning products ready. 
  2. Dust everything from the light fixtures down to the baseboards.
  3. Clean the inside of all your appliances, your garbage can, and the sink.
  4. Wipe down the exterior of everything in your kitchen from top to bottom.
  5. Take everything out of the top cupboards and wipe down each shelf.
  6. Take everything out of the bottom cupboards and drawers and wipe them out.
  7. Throw any curtains or rugs in the washer.
  8. Wash windows and floors.

tips to keep your kitchen clean

  • Clean as you wait for your coffee to brew or your water to boil.
  • Clean as you cook. It’s worth the extra 30 seconds to rinse off your dishes or wipe up a little mess before it dries up.
  • Put items that are out on your counter (Example: Butter dish or utensil holder) in the cupboard above where they sit out or in a drawer below where they sit out.
  • Make it a habit for everyone in your family to rinse out their dishes as soon as they are done using them.
  • Put paper towel on the bottom of your garbage can. If anything leaks onto it, just toss it and put down a new one.
  • Keep your kitchen decluttered and your countertops cleared off as much as possible. This will cut your cleaning time down!

a simple spring cleaning plan

Every week, I will walk you step by step through decluttering, organizing, and then deep cleaning a room in your house. This is a part of my simple spring cleaning plan!

If you feel stuck at any point or if you want to celebrate your wins with me, you can leave a comment below or join my Facebook Group so I can walk with you as you spring clean your home.

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