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How to keep your dining room clean and clutter free

My dining room can be sparkling clean in 5 minutes or less. By the end of this blog post, your dining room will be the same way! 

In order to keep your dining room clean and clutter free, you have to declutter it first. Ideally, you want to be left with nothing more than your table and chairs for furniture pieces. If you want other items in this space, consider using shelves or hooks instead of cluttering up your surfaces.

If this sounds extreme, no worries. I will walk you through this process and you can use the tips that work for you! Then, we will deep clean your dining room so it’s easier to maintain from here on out.

how to create a clutter free dining room

  1. Remove any excess furniture pieces. Ideally, you only want to be left with your table and chairs.
  2. Clear everything off of your kitchen table. Consider using a shelf for any home decor.
  3. If you decide to keep a side table, hutch, or coffee bar, only keep out items that you use daily. If you have decor out, try to limit it down to only a few things.
  4. Create a system to prevent you from dropping off items in this space. Use a bin that you keep nearby if it’s random items or hang up a paper holder if it’s paperwork. Find homes for these items!

how to deep clean your dining room

  1. Do a quick tidy and get your cleaning supplies ready. A duster, cleaning sprays, rags, a broom, and a mop.
  2. Dust everything from top to bottom. Start with the light fixture and then move across the ceiling and down to the floor.
  3. Spray and wipe everything from the light fixture down to the floor. This includes your table, chairs, baseboards, etc.,
  4. Wash your windows. If you have any curtains, throw them in the washer.
  5. Sweep and mop the floors.
A Simple Spring Cleaning Plan

Every week, I will walk you step by step through decluttering, organizing, and then deep cleaning a room in your house. This is a part of my simple spring cleaning plan.

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This way, you can stay motivated, get support, and get your spring cleaning done with so you can thoroughly enjoy the nice weather when it’s here! 🙂

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