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If you’re having a hard time getting your kids outfits together, it might be because it’s time to declutter their closet. So today we’re going to declutter your kid’s clothes and shoes. As we do that, I’ll be sharing my favorite tips on how to keep your kid’s closets clutter free.

How to Declutter Your Kid's Clothes and Shoes

  1. Commit to only keeping clothes in their closet that fit them right now.  It can be easy to keep clothes that don’t fit right in case they don’t have anything else to wear, but this only gives you a false sense of security.  This can cause stress when you go to get them dressed and have to search for the items that actually fit.
  2. Get all of your kid’s clothes together. If you need to go start the washer, do that now. If you have clean clothes that aren’t put away, go grab them and put them with their other clothes.
  3. Explain to your child that you are going to have them try on their clothes and give them an incentive to get it done. If you have more than one kid, pull each one aside at a different time. I know it can be hard, but I promise you it’s going to be worth it to have them try on all of their clothes. That way, you know exactly what you need to buy for them. As far as making the process go smoothly, encourage them with an incentive of a treat when they are done.
  4. Have your child try on one section of clothes at a time and declutter them as you go. Don’t throw a big pile of clothes at your kids, only give them a shirt at a time to try on until all of their shirts are tried on. Then, move to another section like pants, etc., Make sure to only keep a few pair of play clothes as well, because you don’t want that false sense of security and have to search for their good clothes!
  5. Take the donations out of their room and then find a solution for out of season and too big of clothes.  Don’t keep piles on the floor… This can become overwhelming, and you might forget which piles are which. Bring your donation pile out to your car or garage to get it out of the way. Then, find a solution for out of season clothes or clothes that are a little too big. You don’t want to keep things that aren’t going fit for a couple of years but keeping a bin in the top of their closet with clothes that are a tad bit too big can be a good solution.
  6. Write down what clothes your kids need, keeping a baseline in mind. Now that you can clearly see what clothes fit them, write down a list of clothes that they actually need. Come up with a baseline of the amount of clothes you would like to have for each child and use the “one in, one out” concept whenever you buy something new. This way, you can keep their closets clutter free. (A baseline example can be 3 church outfits, 6 school outfits, 2 sets of play clothes, and 4 pairs of pajamas.)
  7. Declutter your kid’s shoes and only keep the shoes out that fit your child and are in season.  When it comes to shoes, the same concepts apply. All of their shoes should be an option for them to wear instead of having them search through a big bin of random shoes. When they have less shoes to manage, they will know which shoes to wear when and they will take better care of them. So, donate the outgrown ones, find a space for out of season ones, and write down a list of any shoes they might need. You can use the baseline and “one in, one out” concept with shoes as well.
  8. Reevaluate your kid’s clothing system. Is your current system working well for you and your children? If not, find a different way to organize them or set up a new system keeping your baseline in mind.

Once you get this done, your mornings will go so much smoother. Another thing that will make a huge difference is to make sure all of your kid’s clothes are ready the night before. If you don’t already do this, I highly encourage you to try it!

I hope between the decluttering and the tips, you are feeling a lot less stressed about managing your kids’ clothes and shoes. I really hope this helped and I can’t wait to talk with you next week!

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