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“Wow, look how creative we are being Mom!” That was not the response I thought I would get after I told my kids we were going to do an experiment with their toys. What started out as an experiment, turned out to be the fastest way I’ve ever decluttered my kid’s toys.

The quickest way to declutter kid’s toys is to have each of your kids choose ten of their favorite toys and put away the rest of them for one month. At the end of the month, only give them back specific toys they ask for as long as they fit in the container or area that is designated for toys.

I will explain this more in depth further down this page, but first I want you to think about how much toys are really affecting you and your children.

Imagine how you would feel if someone kept giving you home decor and clothes. It would be nice at first, but then it would all add up and you would start feeling overwhelmed by how much you have right?

Kids get overwhelmed by excess of toys, just as we get overwhelmed by excess of things that we have to maintain. So, let’s jump into the signs that your kids have too many toys, look over the benefits of having less toys, and then we will go over how to declutter them quickly and how to maintain a fewer amount of toys.

signs that your kids have too many toys

If your kids are dumping out all their toys at once, are moving from toy to toy quickly, and have meltdowns when it is time to clean up the mess of their toys, those are signs that they have more toys than they can manage.

12 benefits your kids will experience from having less toys

  1. They will feel more confident in their ability to manage their things. 
  2. You will see their imagination and creativity flow.
  3. They will be able to entertain themselves for longer.
  4. They will be more willing to pick up their toys.
  5. They will be more grateful for what they have.
  6. They will take better care of the toys they do have.
  7. They will learn to share and work together with their siblings.
  8. They will be more interested in reading and learning.
  9. They will be less stressed out and overwhelmed. 
  10. They will want to go outdoors more and be more active.
  11. They will learn that quality is better than quantity.
  12. They will learn that experiences are more valuable than “things.”

benefits parents will experience when their children have less toys

When your kids have less toys, you won’t be as overwhelmed by toy messes, your house will look and feel tidier, and you will find that it is easier to sit down and play with them. This will improve your mood and energy levels, save you money, and allow you to be more patient with your kids.

how to declutter kid's toys fast

  1. Tell your kids that you are going to do an experiment with their toys and they can have a reward for doing it with you. Go over the benefits, tell them how creative they will learn to be and how much easier it will be for them to clean up.
  2. Tell them to pick out ten of their favorite toys and explain to them that the rest are going up where they can’t play with them for one month. (This doesn’t include large items they play with daily, games you keep up, a limited amount of coloring stuff, or a small handful of books they actually read.)
  3. Decide on a reward together. For example, money or a fun experience.
  4. Show them where their picked toys need to go when they are done playing with them.
  5. Only allow them to play with coloring stuff, games, etc. when they have all their other toys picked up. Be consistent with putting them back up when they are done playing with them
  6. After the one month, go over the benefits you have seen with them, give them their rewards, and ask them if they want to keep going with only the few toys. If not, ask them what specific toy they want back and only give it to them if they remember exactly what it is.
  7. Going forward, give them a container and explain to them that they can only have what toys fit in that container or area. If they want another toy, they need to exchange it with one they are ready to part with.
  8. Get rid of the rest!

how to stay on top of toy clutter

First, choose a certain container or area that your children’s toys will fit in. Explain to them that if their toys don’t fit in that area, they have to get rid of some until they do. Then, whenever they get a new toy, let them choose which one they want to replace it with and donate the old one.

What now?

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