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Your living room is supposed to be an area that you can relax in. However, you won’t be able to relax completely if it feels cluttered or unclean. This is because your brain acknowledges what needs to be done whether you are focusing on it or not.

That is why this week we are going to focus on decluttering and deep cleaning your living room. By the end of this, your living room will feel like the cozy space it is meant to be!

how to declutter your living room

  1. Remove any excess furniture pieces that become clutter catchers. If there is an end table or bookshelf that becomes a catch all, consider removing it.
  2. Clear off all surfaces as much as possible. Try using shelves, baskets, or hanging up items rather that cluttering up your surfaces.
  3. Keep home decor limited. Choose a few of your favorites so you can truly value what you decide to keep.
  4. Only put things in drawers or on shelves if you need them or truly value them. You want to easily find what you are looking for.
  5. Put items that you are unsure about in a bin and give it a week to see if you miss having them.  If you didn’t miss it, donate it.

how to keep your living room organized

In order to keep your living room organized, you have to declutter first. Then, use multifunctional pieces of furniture for items like books and toys, hide any visible cords, and make sure everything has a designated spot and belongs in there.

TIP: Only keep a small amount of books and toys in your living room. You can either put the other books and toys up to switch them out and/ or minimalize them all together.

how to spring clean your living room

  1. Do a quick tidy up and get your cleaning supplies ready.
  2. Dust everything from top to bottom. Start with the light fixture and move across the ceiling and down the walls.
  3. Spray and wipe everything from the light fixture down to the baseboards. Don’t forget to wipe down shelves, bins, and any other items on your way down.
  4. Vacuum under all furniture and wipe down the furniture when you put it back.
  5. Wash curtains, blankets, and any throw pillows you may have.
  6. Vacuum your floor.
  7. Wash your windows.
A Simple Spring Cleaning Plan

Now that you have the steps broken down for you, you can have a clean and decluttered living room by this weekend! You can choose to do it all at once or set a timer each day and take one step at a time.

Every week, I will walk you step by step through decluttering, organizing, and then deep cleaning a room in your house. This is a part of my simple spring cleaning plan.

If you feel stuck at any point or if you want to celebrate your wins with me, you can leave a comment below or join my Facebook Group so I can walk with you as you spring clean your home.

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That way, you can stay motivated, get support, and get your spring cleaning done with so you can thoroughly enjoy the nice weather when it’s here! 🙂

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