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It’s been almost a year and a half since I’ve posted! Things did not go as planned, but here I am. I’m here to fill you in on where I have been and let you know what my plans are going forward. So grab your coffee, start listening, and let’s jump right into it.

where have i been?

The last time we talked, I told you we were moving an hour and a half away and downsizing from a 4 br/2 ba house into an RV…. That did happen! What we didn’t expect was how long everything was going to take.

Selling Our House and Moving

We thought it would only take two months to have our house sold and closed. When we sold our last house, everything went so smooth. With that in mind, we started moving things after we accepted our first offer.

However, it fell through. We had two other people interested so we weren’t that concerned. We signed the next contract and made the actual move. This meant we moved in with my sister, moved my husband’s business here, and planned on enrolling the kids at their new school.

After we did all of this, we got told the buyer couldn’t get the financing and the sale fell through AGAIN. Thankfully, we had one more buyer in line. Thinking the third time would be the charm, we thought it came in the nick of time. 

At this point, we were still living with my sister (for what was supposed to be a couple weeks), the motor went out on my car, and my husband had a customer who wasn’t paying him.

We dumped all our money into this move and things were finally looking up as we neared our closing date… We were so ready for it to finally be over!

Only a couple days away from our closing date, we heard that the buyer couldn’t find proof he served so his VA loan wouldn’t go through… We didn’t know what to do at this point.

We considered moving back, but the kids were enrolled in school here and my husband had already moved his business. We decided to give the third buyer one more opportunity to try a different loan type and it finally went through!

Buying Our Fifth Wheel

We were so relieved that our house finally sold, and we went and looked at RVs. We couldn’t wait to get into our own space again! We found a good deal on one and pulled it home. However, that excitement wore off pretty quickly. 

The only thing we planned to do before we moved in was to replace all of the flooring. Excited to get going on the process, we pulled up the carpet and what did we find? Hiding behind the couch and bed, we found MOLD. Not wanting to mess with mold, we completely gutted a big portion of our fifth wheel and rebuilt it from the studs up.

After a couple months, we had our remodel done. It was a long journey, but it was so worth it! We got settled in and we all appreciated having our own space again.

My Brain Cyst

After giving myself a month or two to finally relax, I thought I was ready to come back to blogging and podcasting. However, another thing came up.

I had a follow up MRI on a large brain cyst I have, and it showed that it had grown and was causing mass effect on other areas of my brain. I got a referral to a neurosurgeon, but they were booked out until the end of the summer.

Not knowing if I would need brain surgery, I decided to enjoy the summer and come back to blogging and podcasting once I got my brain cyst figured out.

When my appointment finally came, I was so excited for answers. However, the doctor said it is benign and wants to rule out other reasons for my symptoms before he will consider surgery. Now, I’m working with insurance to cover neurological testing and it’s still an ongoing process.

My neurosurgeon appointment was right before school started. Once school started, what did I do? I went back to work. Another life transition! 

I do enjoy my job, but I have been wanting to come back to blogging and podcasting for a long time now.

So, that brings us to now. Am I coming back to blogging and podcasting?

Am I coming back to blogging and podcasting?

Let’s get the big question out of the way… Yes, I am coming back to blogging and podcasting!! I am still working but am taking Fridays off to work exclusively on my content.

I am so excited to be back and am so pleased with how much my podcast has grown while I was away!

In the last year and a half, my downloads have tripled even though I haven’t been posting. The podcast now has over 12,000 downloads from all around the world!

This is one of the reasons I am excited to keep going. The statistics have shown that I have been able to help moms all around the world – what a humbling and rewarding experience!

I cannot wait to continue to help you simplify your mom life. In this chaotic world, we could all use some simplicity to bring us back to what truly matters, and I am here to help in any way I can.

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Now that you’re all caught up on where I’ve been, I want to thank you all for the continual support and let you know that I am back for the long term. This is something I want to expand on over the years and be consistent with.

Knowing I can help so many moms by doing something I truly enjoy is something I am so grateful for. So thank you again, and please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with any questions or for support.

Talk to you soon!

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