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8 ways to stay motivated while decluttering

Sometimes we can feel on a roll while decluttering…. Other times, we feel stuck. Today, I am going to walk you through 8 ways that you can stay motivated while decluttering. That way, you can tackle those areas you’ve been putting off!

How to stay motivated while decluttering

  1. Get excited about doing it “right” the first time. You don’t want to ask yourself about the same items a few months from now. You are going to free yourself from those questionable items now!                                                           
  2. Imagine what your space is going to look and feel like when you are done and write it down. Is it going to be easy to keep clean and tidy? Is it going to feel more organized and cozier? Are you not going to be as embarrassed when someone shows up unannounced or looks in your cupboards?                                            
  3. Make a plan. My simple spring cleaning plan will walk you step by step through each room of your house. Even if you just do the decluttering part of it, you are going to notice a huge impact! If this doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, try the onion method. 

  4. Take a before picture. Take a picture before you start so you can look back at how much progress you’ve made. Even if it’s in a small space!

  5. Keep it simple. Take one cupboard or small area at a time! It WILL add up. You didn’t collect all of this at once, so don’t expect to get rid of it all at once either.                                                                                                                   
  6. Ask yourself these three questions when you can’t decide if you should donate an item or not. 
    1. Would I buy this again if I didn’t have this? 
    2. Would I take it with me if I were to move? 
    3. What is the worst thing that will happen if I get rid of this?

  7. Get a decluttering partner. Send pictures to a friend who will either do it with you or cheer you on as you share your progress. Otherwise, you can join my Facebook Group by clicking here and we will be your decluttering partners!

  8. Use a timer. You will be amazed by how much you can get done in 5-15 minutes. Set a timer and try it!


When you start feeling unmotivated, pick a small area to focus on. Then, think about what you want the space to look and feel like, review the questions to ask yourself if you’re unsure of an item, and set the timer for 5-15 minutes.

I hope you are excited to declutter again! If so, grab your coffee and get started while these tips are fresh in your mind. 🙂

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