5 Tips on Living in the Present with Kids

Living in the Present

Many times in our efforts to keep mom life simple you forget that you also want life to be meaningful. That requires living in the present with your kids. You are wondering how you can accomplish that without adding another thing to your To Do List, am I right? I am really excited to share with you my 5 tips on living int he present with kids!

How many times a day do you say “smile” or hold that pose, or reach for your camera/phone to capture a moment? Directly afterwards you take time to plaster it all over social media pages. Any moment not caught on camera and spread all over instagram, FB, and Twitter, is sacrilege! I want to ask you a few questions?

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Why It Is Absolutely Ok To Say No

Just Say No

Are you an exhausted mom who is over-scheduled, over tired, and drowning in all of the commitments on your calendar? Kids have many activities. As the Mom, that obligates you to driving, preparing, and participating in these activities on some level. You don’t want to disappoint anyone. Making certain your kids have as many opportunities to experience a wide variety of activities is wonderful. But at what expense? It is time for you to learn why it is absolutely ok to say no and how to do it.

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7 Ways to Simplify Your Life and Be Happy

Be happy

Ready to simplify life? As a woman you are especially prone to living over-scheduled and overwhelmed. Everyone has demands and your needs and desires never seem to make the priority list. You feel as though you are suffocating; one day overlapping the next; uncompleted tasks from the day before added to today’s To Do List. I know how you are feeling, because I have been that woman. Fantastic News! I can show you 7 ways to simplify your life and be happy. You may be thinking that it can’t be easy to simplify life, but it is! I will get to those 7 easy steps in a moment, but first I want to explain a few things to make this process painless.

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Prevent Mom Burnout in 30 Minutes or Less

 How Burnout Happens

Mom life can be hectic and draining. You have a lot of responsibilities and people relying on you every moment. As a result, this can leave you feeling a sense of burnout. To simplify your life you and counteract this feeling you need to make yourself a priority. Follow along! Let me show you how you can prevent mom burnout by restoring your energy in 30 minutes or less with this simple practice.

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12 Indispensable Resources For Simple Living Lifestyle

Simple Living Lifestyle

Have you tried to research the topic of simple living or methods to simplify life only to find that they have become synonymous with trendy hot terms such as minimalism or frugality? It can be frustrating when your definition is very different than those lifestyles. Your desire is for a simple living lifestyle with quality items and an abundance of time for family, friends, and pursuing your dreams. The concept of intentionally scaling back time sucking commitments, having a home that holds only things that have deep meaning or usefulness, and a clutter free schedule is more of what you envisioned. Me too!  I have nine, of what I believe to be, indispensable resources to simplify life, on your terms.

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