Top 5 Reasons You Should NOT Simplify Life

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Many books, articles, and speakers discuss the benefits of simplifying life, but the top 5 reasons not to simplify life are omitted. This list contains the main reasons why you may not want to simplify your life. But before we get to that you need to ask yourself a question.

Is It Worth Learning?

On my journey to simplify life, I have researched, studied, and experimented with a great many ideas, theories, and practices. A never ending past time, since family life continues to evolve. May not sound exciting to some, but if you are reading this you clearly want to simplify life. To be successful it is important to know reasons you may not want to simplify life. So let’s push on, shall we.


I believe that meaningful change occurs when I understand what my intentions and goals are. I have found that the best decisions are made when I take the time to fully educate myself on a topic. Don’t you agree? Of course you do!

You are trying to simplify your life. Is it worth learning reason not to simplify? The short answer is YES! You have a laundry list of reasons why you want to simplify your life. Yet until you look at the other side, you cannot have clearly defined goals to work towards.

More on this in a bit.

Simplify Life

The Set Up.

I live as simply as I can without being a purest. I have written, spoken, and coached people for almost 20 years on how to achieve success with a more simple life. As with any good professional, I have personal experience that began as my foundation.

I had lofty ideals as a new mother. I still believed I could change the entire world, for the better. With zeal, gusto, and a new baby I volunteered my time and services within my community. I also started my first business. You already know where this is going, right?

Within a few years I had more children. My outside schedule didn’t change. Actually, there were added commitments because I never said no to a request. I often woke up stiff, jaws clenched with my planner right next to me. My feet hit the floor. Commitments with good groups of people for great causes filled each day. I devoted evenings to working on projects related to my commitments. Nights were for business. Time with my children was was allotted 30 minutes per day. (Just kidding! I truly felt like that at times, though.)

It was not long before I began to burn out. I was tired. No. I was exhausted. The evergy it took to care for my family coupled with all of my make the world a better place projects and operating a business was overwhelming. My calendar was overflowing with commitments and deadlines. It literally was bursting with appointment cards, contracts, To Do Lists, and permission forms all stapled or taped into their appropriate places. I was as far from the simple life that I desired as I could possibly be.

I knew something had to change. The question was how to do it.

After years of research, study, coaching, and personal life application I began to hone in on my goals. This has made all the difference. (Keep reading for more on achieving your goals.)

What You Need to Know.

Back to defining goals. Goals are the absolute pinnacle for success. To understand your goals, you must be able to explain how and why you set each one. The process of goal setting is not just a plan and moving forward. It is about understanding who you are right now and where you want to be, as well as what brought you to your current place. Then, and only then, are you able to create truly attainable goals. A key to this is understanding when NOT to pursue a goal.


The List: Top 5 Reasons Not to Simplify Life

  1. Your life is positively chaotic. This means that the craziness in your life is not a distraction from pursuing your goals. In fact, the chaos brings you some level of joy. Great examples are the pandemonium of a birthday party, having a family outing, singing loudly while fixing lunch from a cooler on a road trip to visit family. These are all forms of positive chaos that make vividly wonderful memories.
  2. Guilt is your driving force. Using a negative emotion to drive you forward is similar to taking medicine that treats symptoms yet cures nothing. Changes based on emotions typically do not result in good decision making. Under those circumstances goals are pushed further away. When the emotion is a negative one, it is common that the choices will result in negative outcomes.
  3. You have not defined the reasons why you want to simplify life. Being a mom means leading a life of complexities. Mothers are notorious for being last on the list. Knowing you are unhappy with your current lifestyle is the starting point, but you must also take time to determine how your life got to this point and why you want to change it.
  4. You feel pressured by others. Any time you take action steps based on the opinion of others, you will not reach your goal. The choices you make for your lifestyle and the lifestyle of your family should be based on your happiness, not the happiness of others. Keep in mind that the people in your life do not think on you as much as you think they do.
  5. You are not ready to do the work. Meaningful changes require work. Allow yourself the ability to admit when you are researching, but not ready to commit.

The Conclusion.

Choosing to simplify life to bring you genuine happiness, create meaningful and intentional memories, and giving you a life purpose that feeds your soul is a lifestyle worth pursuing. You are searching for that balance right now, otherwise you would not be reading this article. You set goals to achieve success in areas that you currently are not happy about. (Check out this great article on ways you CAN successfully achieve your goals.) I no longer spend time worrying about how to simplify life and know the signs that I am being pulled away from my goals and how to get back on track. You can too! An important step is reviewing the reasons not to simplify life and then taking a genuine assessment of yourself and what you believe will bring you a life of contentment.

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