7 Foolproof Tips for Building Self Confidence


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There is no denying that a strong level of self confidence helps to promote a healthy, happy, and successful life. Self confidence is an effective tool that can be applied to our everyday life to manage fears, enable you to live a life you love, and accomplish your goals. You may struggle with self confidence due to exposure to daily with negative influences. I would like to give 7 foolproof tips for building your self confidence that you can use everyday. First, let me tell you a little bit about how to build self confidence.

Self confidence is built within your mind. Your brain is a muscle. Regular exercise keeps your body fit and healthy. Since all muscles need to be exercised to stay healthy and in peak condition, it is critical to exercise your mind to keep your brain healthy. Making your brain health a priority will positively change all other aspects of your life. These tips are exercises for your brain that will boost your self confidence. Use the self confidence tips below at least once a day!

Exercise Daily

7 Foolproof Tips to Build Self Confidence

  1. Smile! Do one thing that makes you smile everyday. Even the most simple act can produce a positive feeling that makes you smile. Be observant of your surroundings and people. Maybe you notice a child enjoying a swing or you notice dew on the flowers outside your office that cause you happiness. Consequently, your endorphins will rise and you just feel your confidence increase.
  2. Don’t Over Analyze!  When you are working out an issue, important or inconsequential, try to identify the moment you cross over from effective thinking to over analyzing. When you are able to find this point in your thought process you can effectively replace the outcome by choosing a more positive and rewarding path.
  3. Serve Others. We all cross paths with people in need on a daily basis. Volunteering for an local charity is a great way to serve others in your community. However, don’t overlook the those little things throughout each day that you might be able to do to serve another. Most of all, the person you serve does not need to be someone you are well acquainted with. But there is a great sense of accomplishment that comes from serving others. In addition that accomplishment will increase your self confidence.
  4. Try Something New. Take up a new hobby have you have been wanting to try or practice a craft you have not had time for recently. Perhaps you have wanted to learn to knit, paint, or garden. Make it a regular part of your day for at least 15 minutes. As a result, your brain will be working on the activity and your heart will be feeling a sense of accomplishment.
  5. Talk to a Stranger. The idea of talking with strangers has been embedded in our beings as a dangerous activity. That is an extreme way to live. Introduce yourself to strangers at a parent meeting, exercise class, or at the library. Simply saying hi and that you hope the person is enjoying their day or voicing a compliment builds your confidence and the confidence of the strangers. Next time you are in the check out line and the clerk asks how you are doing, reply with, “The better question is, how is your day going?” Then genuinely listen. This can your change your entire day for the better!
  6. Plan Ahead. Negativity is going to come at you. Someone is going to be rude, condescending, or down right mean. Remember everyone is going through something you do not know about and plan your response ahead. You can be firm and kind in response to negative people if you plan responses to this ahead of time. Standing up with integrity takes planning and practice. Furthermore, it produces a higher level of confidence.
  7. Pick Wisely. I believe that you are a reflection of the people you choose to surround yourself with. While you cannot choose coworkers, committee members, or staff of activities you are part of, you do have choices in other areas of your life.  During personal time, though, surround yourself with wonderfully genuine people who get you and allow you to feel comfortable and sage being exactly who you are right now.

Be Positive

Finally, the world around you is full of negative influences. Negativity can bombard you at home, play, and work. Don’t just take my word for it, read what Dr. Susan Krauss Whitbourne has to say about self esteem. Therefore all the unfavorable pressure and negative influences can cause you to feel inadequate. It is important to work at building your self confidence to counter this negativity. In conclusion, by using these foolproof tips as daily exercises you will receive a successful, rewarding, and happy life.

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