The Ultimate Casserole Cheatsheet

Vegetable Casserole

The most common question in every household on a daily basis is, What’s for dinner? Today we kick off the Simple Meal Series with the Ultimate Casserole Cheatsheet. This cheatsheet is bound to leave you wondering why you have turned your nose up at such a quick, filling, tasty, and nutritious meal option. Follow along and let your eyes be opened to the endless possibilities!

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Top 5 Reasons You Should NOT Simplify Life

Many books, articles, and speakers discuss the benefits of simplifying life, but the top 5 reasons not to simplify life are omitted. This list contains the main reasons why you may not want to simplify your life. But before we get to that you need to ask yourself a question.

Is It Worth Learning?

On my journey to simplify life, I have researched, studied, and experimented with a great many ideas, theories, and practices. A never ending past time, since family life continues to evolve. May not sound exciting to some, but if you are reading this you clearly want to simplify life. To be successful it is important to know reasons you may not want to simplify life. So let’s push on, shall we.

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