What the Phase Down Lifestyle is…and what it is not.

Frustrated with your current chaotic lifestyle? Do you find yourself unable to breathe due to your overfilled schedule and chores? Does your soul yearn for a lifestyle that allows you more time with family, friends, and doing the things that make you genuinely happy? You have searched for answers, but nothing seems to fit your family. You need the Phase Down Lifestyle! The Phase Down Lifestyle is about living a more simplified lifestyle that is tailored for your family.

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41 Personal Self Love Writing Prompts

One of the keys to happiness and being content is to learn not only to simplify your life, but to learn to love yourself by taking time to care for yourself. Writing is one of the best ways to validate your dedication to your lifestyle choices. In addition, writing can nurture your creative juices and continue to motivate you. Today I am excited to share 41 of my personal favorite self love writing prompts.

The Process

Writing is one of my favorite self care practices. The process is simple, but it also allows me to unclog my brain (this is a necessity for my sanity) and clarify my thoughts and feelings. I don’t have a particular writing style, so my journals are a zany compilation of everything that is me. There are times when I write lengthy diary type entries, but there are many times when I write random words, lists, or dream style entries. One of the most effective aspects of writing as a self care practice is that it can be a creative boom even when life isn’t allowing for other creative outlets.

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7 Simple Weight Loss Strategies

Weight Loss Strategies

Lose Weight the Simple Way

Maintaining a healthy weight is difficult. Losing weight can be even more so. Then there are the thousands of weight loss diets, products, and books to consider. Picking the perfect strategy for you can be overwhelming and discouraging. However, we have been brainwashed to believe that the weight loss strategies are a complicated issue. You have been told that you need all these products, you have to eliminate certain foods, and stand on your head for 6 hours on the 5th Sunday of every month. Ok, that last one wasn’t a real weight loss strategy!¬†Yet, you find yourself spinning about what is truly going to help you achieve a healthy weight.

I am going to tell you a little secret that isn’t spoken often in the weight loss industry. You don’t have to do anything extreme or eliminate any food group forever to lose weight, unless you have a medical condition. Mind Blown, am I right?

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How to Find Out if You are Cheap

Are you cheap

So you want to know how to find out if you are cheap? You want a more simple lifestyle, but you have some fears about downsizing your life. What will others think? Will it cause additional stress? How will your family react? Is it going to require you to rid yourself of nearly all your belongings? Are you going to be known as a person who is cheap? There is a HUGE difference between simple and cheap.In order to determine if you are cheap you need to get your facts straight so you are ready to address others when they question your life changes.

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7 Foolproof Tips for Building Self Confidence


There is no denying that a strong level of self confidence helps to promote a healthy, happy, and successful life. Self confidence is an effective tool that can be applied to our everyday life to manage fears, enable you to live a life you love, and accomplish your goals. You may struggle with self confidence due to exposure to daily with negative influences. I would like to give 7 foolproof tips for building your self confidence that you can use everyday. First, let me tell you a little bit about how to build self confidence.

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