My Story

Hi! It’s me! Leslie Valeska. Ready to simplify mom life? Me too! This is my story.

Simplify Mom Life: One Mom's Story and Solutions
CEO of Myriad Missions

Woman, Wife, Mom, Mimi, CEO of Myriad Missions, Author, Certified Educator and Professional Life & Wellness Coach, Speaker, CFLW, Speaker, Adventurer, Creative, and Lover of Life. Yep, all part of my story.

Did I mention that I have a gaggle of offspring who have a wide variety of interests and activities making me a self appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors for Over-Scheduled Moms? You too? I thought you looked familiar!

My life is full. With 5 children, 2 daughter in laws, and 2 granddaughters there is always someone who has a need. Even when that need is just to hang out, life with older children is always hustle and bustle. BUT I am happy and content.

How did I get Here? My Story:

I remember a day shortly before my youngest was about to turn 13. I had my first panic attack! It had suddenly hit me that I would no longer have any children in my home. Every resident would be a teenager or older!

I had spent my entire adult life caring for those little buggers. They are the joy of my life and I relished most every moment, even those really difficult times. I feel privileged to guide and watch them grow and follow their dreams. But there comes a time for every mother when she wakes up and realizes those little people have become fairly independent.

During those couple of months before my youngest’s 13th birthday, my thoughts were foreign. I began to think about me. In addition to the fact that my kids all had lives of their own, they also have schedules. Because I still have 2 non-drivers that makes me the chauffeur. Teenagers always have some place to be, am I right? Our house was always filled with friends and loudness.


Remember when silence of your small children usually meant something not so good was happening? Not so with teenagers. Silence means they are thinking and growing in different ways. That silence can be deafening at times. Yet I believe that we were designed that way for a purpose. Those times of solitude are the perfect opportunity for acceptance and reflection of what is coming!

Back to My Story

With that said I had begun to think about what I wanted to do when I grew up. I thought about all of the interests I had not pursued or shelved because my focus was on my family. I began to see myself wearing outfits that were not yoga pants, skirts, and tshirts or tank tops. Could there be a life beyond the wonderfully hectic years of motherhood? What did I have to offer the world? The empty nest was coming. An empty nest. Abandoned, alone, without purpose. Left to sit and deteriorate. Know what I did? I cried.

And then, as sudden as a spilled glass of milk, it occurred to me that I would embrace the coming years and prepare to live life exactly as I wanted. The meaning of genuine happiness was about to be expanded. I was going to work towards throwing off the hectic schedules of family life and develop a more simple and uncluttered life so my focus could be on the joy of being a me, yet still a mother and grandmother. Happy and Fulfilled in a whole new way!

What Came Next

Excited as I was, how was I supposed to go about this? I did what any mom would do; I searched the internet. You know what I found? NOTHING!

The bulk of information for the years leading up to the empty nest was about parenting teens. Other information was posted about after your nest was empty. There was nothing about growing towards a more simple life once your ducklings have flown the coop. No information about using those last few years so I could be fully ready to embrace that empty nest. What’s a mom to do?

Well, I simply developed my own plan of that incorporated the life I was currently living and the life I was looking forward to living after my youngest would head off to college. I tested and retested (and retested, and retested, and retested) all types of methods, strategies, and programs. I had a huge revelation during this process. Huge! COLASSAL! GIANORMOUS! Every mom is unique and has a unique family. There could be no “one size fits all” for a lifestyle.

The perfect plan is one that allows each mom to bend and mold ideas and steps to her specific family in a way that is meaningful, rewarding, and not going to have her family thinking she’s finally gone over the edge. Let’s face it…changing lifestyles with teenagers can be daunting. They are not the most accommodating group of humans.

Now, I can breathe! I Learned how to Simplify Mom Life.

Now when life starts to wrap its strong tendrils around my lungs, I have the tools and process that allows me to sever their power over my life and swiftly return to my journey towards a more simple life defined on my terms, without too much effort or pain. I have put a spotlight on my goals for the lifestyle I want to live, one without all the trappings. What defines me beyond motherhood, as a woman is right on track now. My health, wellness, and creativity can now share the limelight with my family. Transitioning my focus from myself as primarily a mother to a vibrant healthy woman with older children is an exciting time! While I am not rushing to push my kids out of the nest, I am most definitely ready to embrace that time. You want this for your life too, am I right? Of course I am! That is why I started this blog and exactly what my goal is; to help you!

You are Here!

I am so happy you are visiting! I hope that this site serves to help you find solutions to simplify mom life as you transition to the empty nest and that you embrace it as an amazing time! You are worth every minute you spend to successfully achieve a simple and happy life. Your family agrees! A happy family is run by a happy mom. A cliche founded in truth. I have come to find that this continues to be true as children begin the walk on their own path.

If you have any questions, topics, ideas, or are a business that would like me to review a product, please email me at It doesn’t get more simple than that!

Leslie A. Valeska is the Founder and President of Achieve Success Coaching; a subsidiary of Myriad Missions. Leslie has been helping people achieve more fulfilling, forward moving, and rewarding lives for over 17 years. Applying creativity to her education and experience, she developed a successful signature system to help others live happy, healthy, and successful lives.