The Key to Successful Time Management

It is a myth that those who work the most hours each day are the most productive. Another myth is that multi tasking is the most successful method for getting many tasks done. These two myths have been engrained into the minds of mothers for many years. The fact is that the key to successful time management for a mom allows for the completion of tasks as well as the ability to lead a simple lifestyle. Read along and I will show you the precious secret that will change your life!

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Why It Is Absolutely Ok To Say No

Just Say No

Are you an exhausted mom who is over-scheduled, over tired, and drowning in all of the commitments on your calendar? Kids have many activities. As the Mom, that obligates you to driving, preparing, and participating in these activities on some level. You don’t want to disappoint anyone. Making certain your kids have as many opportunities to experience a wide variety of activities is wonderful. But at what expense? It is time for you to learn why it is absolutely ok to say no and how to do it.

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7 Ways to Simplify Your Life and Be Happy

Be happy

Ready to simplify life? As a woman you are especially prone to living over-scheduled and overwhelmed. Everyone has demands and your needs and desires never seem to make the priority list. You feel as though you are suffocating; one day overlapping the next; uncompleted tasks from the day before added to today’s To Do List. I know how you are feeling, because I have been that woman. Fantastic News! I can show you 7 ways to simplify your life and be happy. You may be thinking that it can’t be easy to simplify life, but it is! I will get to those 7 easy steps in a moment, but first I want to explain a few things to make this process painless.

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Top 5 Reasons You Should NOT Simplify Life

Many books, articles, and speakers discuss the benefits of simplifying life, but the top 5 reasons not to simplify life are omitted. This list contains the main reasons why you may not want to simplify your life. But before we get to that you need to ask yourself a question.

Is It Worth Learning?

On my journey to simplify life, I have researched, studied, and experimented with a great many ideas, theories, and practices. A never ending past time, since family life continues to evolve. May not sound exciting to some, but if you are reading this you clearly want to simplify life. To be successful it is important to know reasons you may not want to simplify life. So let’s push on, shall we.

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