The Decisive Way to Find Happiness After Chaos


This is a difficult post to write. I have been putting it off for some time because revisiting the chaos that once encompassed my life still causes my chest to tighten. I often cannot believe what my life used to entail. How did I ever manage to get through the days? At present I know that I could not handle that lifestyle anymore, but it is important to look back from time to time as a checkpoint to keep me focused. Through this post you will discover how to find happiness after chaos and it is my hope that as you explore Simplify Mom Life you will find the tools you need to do so.

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How to Find Out if You are Cheap

Are you cheap

So you want to know how to find out if you are cheap? You want a more simple lifestyle, but you have some fears about downsizing your life. What will others think? Will it cause additional stress? How will your family react? Is it going to require you to rid yourself of nearly all your belongings? Are you going to be known as a person who is cheap? There is a HUGE difference between simple and cheap.In order to determine if you are cheap you need to get your facts straight so you are ready to address others when they question your life changes.

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12 Indispensable Resources For Simple Living Lifestyle

Simple Living Lifestyle

Have you tried to research the topic of simple living or methods to simplify life only to find that they have become synonymous with trendy hot terms such as minimalism or frugality? It can be frustrating when your definition is very different than those lifestyles. Your desire is for a simple living lifestyle with quality items and an abundance of time for family, friends, and pursuing your dreams. The concept of intentionally scaling back time sucking commitments, having a home that holds only things that have deep meaning or usefulness, and a clutter free schedule is more of what you envisioned. Me too!  I have nine, of what I believe to be, indispensable resources to simplify life, on your terms.

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