41 Personal Self Love Writing Prompts

One of the keys to happiness and being content is to learn not only to simplify your life, but to learn to love yourself by taking time to care for yourself. Writing is one of the best ways to validate your dedication to your lifestyle choices. In addition, writing can nurture your creative juices and continue to motivate you. Today I am excited to share 41 of my personal favorite self love writing prompts.

The Process

Writing is one of my favorite self care practices. The process is simple, but it also allows me to unclog my brain (this is a necessity for my sanity) and clarify my thoughts and feelings. I don’t have a particular writing style, so my journals are a zany compilation of everything that is me. There are times when I write lengthy diary type entries, but there are many times when I write random words, lists, or dream style entries. One of the most effective aspects of writing as a self care practice is that it can be a creative boom even when life isn’t allowing for other creative outlets.

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