Must Have Small Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen Appliances

One of the keys to making simple meals for your family is the cooking method used. More importantly, it can come down to the cooking vessel. Even more specifically, small kitchen appliances are very effective at keeping life simple. There are so many small kitchen appliances on the market that one could clutter their counters, cupboards, and closets. This is counter productive to simplifying life, unless you have unlimited kitchen space. (And you enjoy caring for many items!)

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The Ultimate Casserole Cheatsheet

Vegetable Casserole

The most common question in every household on a daily basis is, What’s for dinner? Today we kick off the Simple Meal Series with the Ultimate Casserole Cheatsheet. This cheatsheet is bound to leave you wondering why you have turned your nose up at such a quick, filling, tasty, and nutritious meal option. Follow along and let your eyes be opened to the endless possibilities!

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